Self Employed

Self Employed / Sole Trader

Self Employed / Sole Trader
is the simplest form of doing business in the UK.

Sole Trader means that you are responsible for the business as a person, but it does not mean that you have to work alone without the help of employees.

Of course, in order to be an employer, you must complete the necessary registration formalities and then fulfill all of its duties, eg. Paying contributions for tax or insurance, etc.

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Barbara Brodka
Account Assisstant


Company name

You can:

  • register a company using your own name and surname or a specific company name chosen by you.
  • You must provide your name and company name on all official documents, such as invoices and letters.


You have personal responsibility for:

  • any business debts
  • goods or equipment
  • keeping records of sales and costs of your company
  • prepare Yours Self Assessment
  • payment of any income tax and Insurance contributions

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